Golden Fiesta Cooking Oil

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Made from 100% first-grade refined palm oil, Golden Fiesta Cooking Oil is cholesterol free making it very heart-friendly. Pito prito at will for it is fortified with Omega 9 and Vitamin A making it a healthy cooking oil for happy hearts!


  • High smoke point at 260°C, can withstand high cooking temperatures, best for deep frying that requires the high heat conduction of oil up to 175 – 190°C
  • A heart-friendly oil because it is cholesterol free
  • Nutritious, with Omega 9 and fortified with Vitamin A
  • Premium quality


  • Sautéing and stir-frying: Meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables and noodles
  • Pan or deep frying: Meats, poultry, seafood and vegetables


Golden Fiesta TVC
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